• Are you struggling with your type 2 diabetes?
  • Are you tired of taking expensive medications with unwanted side effects?
  • Are you ready to make lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start and what’s safe?

Benefits of Seeing Me

Understand the root cause of type 2 diabetes and how to manage it with a diet and lifestyle plan

Monitor glucose with painless and affordable continuous glucose monitor

Safely come off your diabetic medications under the supervision of an endocrinologist

Become an expert at successfully self managing your diabetes


You can get off insulin and still manage your type 2 diabetes with little or no medication
Type 2 diabetes
Pre diabetes
Weight gain
Abdominal obesity
High triglycerides
Fatty liver
Learn all about my diet-based approach to treat, reverse or prevent these conditions. Reclaim your well-being and achieve optimal health with my support and guidance at every step. Let’s go beyond your prescription.

Dr. B Paul, MD MPH

is a board-certified Endocrinologist with a Masters in Nutrition.

I firmly believe that, “the best way to treat someone is to prevent the need for treatment in the first place". You will learn the right diet for your current metabolic health, will sequentially and safely come off your diabetic (and potentially other) medications under my supervision and will learn how to optimize your overall lifestyle so you can successfully manage your health with little to no reliance on medications.


I can help you safely get off your diabetic medicines or ensure that you never need them in the first place.



Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

April 22, 2020

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well-thee now, My 7 step de-prescribing plan

Glucose Sensitivity Test

The first question to answer is at your current metabolic health, can you skip any or all of your diabetic medications if you also skip the carbohydrates for 1 week? And can it be done safely? The answer is Absolutely. This is where I will instruct you on using a continuous glucose monitor along with a detailed diet plan and will remotely monitor your numbers to assure your safety.

When and how to re-introduce carbohydrates?

The continuous glucose monitor will give us valuable insight on when you are most sensitive and resistant to carbs. I will review my 4 cardinal rules on reintroducing carbs without compromising your diabetes or resuming medications. If you do need medication temporarily, I will review the right medication for you at a cost you can afford and will start with the lowest dose.

Introduce Time Restricted Eating

One of the key benefits of eating low carb is significant decrease in body hunger creating the perfect opportunity to implement time restricted eating to further improve hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. I will identify the right intermittent fasting plan based on your body type and glucose pattern and will guide you on how to successfully achieve it.

Is it Yummy Hunger or Tummy Hunger?

We will explore various triggers, events and places that make you want to eat. Excessive, mindless eating has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. I will help you understand how you can use hunger and fullness cues to promote mindful eating and help you design and strategize a non-food action plan during those vulnerable times when you are drawn to food outside of true hunger.

Using physical activity as a powerful glucose lowering tool

An active skeletal muscle is like a pick up for glucose and lowers glucose and best of all it does it in an insulin independent manner. I will instruct you on how you can successfully lower your glucose with the right physical activity.

Optimizing sleep

Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of health! Whatever ailment you face, it’s more than likely that restorative sleep can help fix it. Welcome to Sleep 101! Learn everything about sleep and how you can access your own “restorative sleep”.

Ensuring permanent success

I believe the doctor of the future is the patient. With each week under my guidance and support, you will learn and implement various strategies and gain valuable insight on what works and what doesn't. You will become an expert at identifying challenges early and navigating through the challenges. We will identify potential reasons why you might fall off track and design steps you can take to get back on the optimum health track. Having a plan beforehand is key to helping you succeed!


Imagine a life without insulin

Dr. B Paul has helped many patients with type 2 diabetes safely and effectively get off diabetic medications, especially insulin, while lowering their A1C at the same time!

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